Colonial – British Guns

Although I make more post-revolutionary war guns, I do enjoy making muskets as well. And I have been known to “de-farb” commercially made English military style muskets. Please call me to discuss your needs.

Here is a 1st Model Brown Bess musket in .76 caliber with a 46inch  tapered barrel with 13 3/4 inch  length of pull. This musket includes the proper bayonet.   This gun is for sale for $3400.


The Brown Bess was the standard military long gun of the British for over one hundred years. There were many variations during that time.

Here are three Brown Besses:

  • The top gun is a 1st Model.
  • The musket in the middle is a reworked Pedersoli. There is nothing wrong with a production Brown Bess as it comes from the manufacturer. But there are some elements that are lost due to the need for the manufacturer to optimize the pattern for factory production. I try my best to rework the factory gun to get it “right.”
  • The bottom gun is an Officer’s Fusil, which is just one iteration of the Brown Bess.