About Nate McKenzie

Nathan McKenzie Longrifles and Horns
Benton, Pennsylvania

Nate has been building muzzle loading guns for over 30 years. Since his retirement as a teacher a few years ago, he has been able to dedicate more time to building longrifles and powder horns.

Nate does not build direct copies of antiques, but uses the characteristics of a school or style to create something that could have been built in a shop during that era. Nate is equally comfortable putting an old-time scraped finish or a more refined finish on his guns; the customer selects what he wants.

Nate prefers building Colonial, Lehigh and Reading style rifles, but he has been known to build a Vincent rifle too.

Send Nate an email or give him a call to ask about your next project.

Nathan McKenzie


Life is too short to hunt with an ugly gun.
-Nate McKenzie